Thank you to all, that have been so Gracious

Simon Hare‎
Wayne Liska
Looks like you had a really great trip Mr. Liska! Thanks for the pics! When is your next auction? I don't want to rush you back to work, but they are always such a good time! Thanks for the add & see you soon!

Simon Hare‎
County Commissioner

Everybody is happy by happy happy happy - 05/17/2013

My wife and I have been going to liska auctions for years and can say that they don't get any better than wayne and barbra. professionalism, honesty, knowledge and generosity in the community are just some of the words I would use to describe them. A few years back we had wayne do an auction for us and the values we got for things were higher than expected. I believe it's due to the dedicated following of buyers wayne has. I would highly recommend liska and his crew whether buying or selling you'll be happy too.


Hope you, your family, and all your staff had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

I received what is, I assume, the final check for the Hansen goods to be sold by Liska et al. I want to thank you for all the good work you’ve done for us since early October. Be assured that when discussion of disposition of goods comes up with friends and acquaintances living in Southern Oregon, and it does at times, I’m quick to refer them to you. I’ve mentioned/referred to Liska Auctioneers more than once in recent weeks.…
Dec. 2013

Don & Sharon Hansen

We had a great auction today despite the "lovely" weather, now we are in Grants Pass at a great dinner house for our company Christmas party with, owners, Wayne & Barbara Liska, who have been wonderful employers and have become great friends as well. Wayne is the best auctioneer I've every had the opportunity to work with. I've worked with him for ten years & I look forward to many more years with his organization...
Merry Christmas to Wayne, Barb, and the entire Liska crew!

Randy Dodge

Nov. 2013
Wayne & Barbara & Crew,
Liska Auctioneers changed my life! Little did I know back in 1997 when I attended a Liska auction and bought a table full of toy cars that my life would be forever changed.
I ended up selling those toy cars for a $3,000 profit, which I invested to create my website,
Today, The Toy Peddler is the largest, most popular site in the
world for buying and selling toy cars and other toys. I am truly grateful to Wayne, Barbara and their helpful staff. I continue to enjoy attending their auctions, still finding lots of
cool stuff.
Yours Truly,
Paul Biddle
Founder of The Toy Peddler
Nov. 2013

Paul Biddle
Founder of The Toy Peddler

June 22, 2013
Good Morning
I just wanted to write to you and tell you what a great time we had at the Box R Ranch last weekend. Liska runs a top rate business. ALL of the employees are helpful and friendly. They make it a great experience. This is our second auction we have attended run by Liska. We came all the way from Union City, CA. Thank you for a great time.
Keep up the good work.
God Bless America
Holly Black

Holly Black

Work Completed Date:
July 15, 2012
Liska & Assoc set up for an estate sale/auction over the course of 4 days. They categorized all the objects/material, placed it in separate locations on the property (so that buyers could easily view it). They where here during the day that the public viewing was held. They were here for 8+ hours during the auction day. They set up & took down everything for us. It was a smooth operation. The set up crew was kind, compassionate, efficient. However, they took the time to actually listen to my mother when she spoke to them & told them-along with what goes-stories about each item. It was her husband that had passed, thereby warranting the sale. It made me feel especially glad she chose this firm because of their compassion. We were informed of each and every step during the process. They even made arrangements for a port-a-potty (something I'd never have thought of) and a food truck. It was a wonderful process to watch.
Member Comments:

Sandi Mitchell

Thanks for the help this weekend. It is always great to see both he and Jim and it has been my pleasure to work with him
( Evan though it's not really me anymore!). It's just nice to see them both and have their professionalism add to the event. Thank you again.
Gary & Val Early

Gary & Val Early
Early Fishing . Inc

I would like to thank all of you who helped find new homes for all the neglected animals on Sunday.
I feel the auction was extremely well done. The security was great. Everyone was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable in regards to the mini's and how the whole process was going to work.
I was fortunate enough to purchase 4 mini's and would have purchased more, but the prices were much higher than expected. The mini's have settled in very quickly and I couldn't be happier. I hope the County was able to recoup some of the money that was used to take care of the mini's. They did a wonderful job and the horses looked very good.
Thank you so much for all your hard work,
Susan Rizor
Eugene, OR

Susan Rizor

, Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated you and your crew-Especially Jason, Neil & Patrick. They were GREAT, answers any and ll of my question,before and after the sale.
Thank you so much for all the help.
Shirley Mitchell

Shirley Mitchell

Dear Liska Auctioneers Team,

Where do I begin to thank you for all you did for us on Saturday.
We were thrilled when you agreed to take our light,auction, Wayne, and you went out of your way to get a good price and a good home for the Sherer Counter. Bob had been told the motor home would probably bring $800.00, he wanted $1500.00 and was tickled ping with price you got, over twice that.
Barb, you worked so hard without a break for the entire 4 hours, thank you.
And for the talented office staff, your advertising was so well done, both the flier and the web site. It contributed so much to the success of the auction. And how you keep the bookkeeping straight is a flat-out miracle. The only thing..I sure would have liked to see the Schipperke do the delivery work! And now to the best set-up, take down and auction facilitators ever! Jodie you have a real panache that let people know you like them. That?s a real asset especially having you sweet personality when you must be bone tired. Thank you Allen for all you lighting expertise and your hard work lifting and delivering. Hey Victor you are such a multi-talented person. You can fix a computer, drive a tractor and take on any challenge.
I will say that you have the sense to understand the emotions the sellers are experiencing. You made a possible very sad and wrenching time more like a wondrous picnic. I’ve never seen such a happy group of buyers in my like; not bad feeling, no harsh words. That?s the sign of a good Team- Leadership and still keeping a fun atmosphere.
I'll look you up when you have your auction in Port Orford!
Thanks again,

Phyllis Jo

Dear Wayne,

I do want to take the time to tell you that I’m very pleased with the fine job you have done for me. What could have been really difficult for me, you and your staff made infinitely easier and actually fun. I’m satisfied with every aspect of the move, it’s been a pleasure to recommend you.”

Edith Ness

“This letter is being sent to you to express my great admiration and satisfaction with the out come of my real estate and personal property auction. Not only did I receive more than expected on the real estate, but was amazed at the dollars brought in on my miscellaneous personal property. The staff of Wayne Liska Auctioneers was very professional, efficient, experienced, knowledgeable in all aspects of the auction.”

Mr. Raymond Watts

Last fall I attended an auction in Grants Pass, Oregon and found myself standing in the light of greatness. One of the Auctioneers in the sale was the 1997 Oregon State Grand Champion Auctioneer, and in my opinion, it was a well deserved title.
Wayne & his wife are real estate brokers and in their spare time, breeders of fine Registered Quarter Horses.
I had the privilege of chatting with Wayne for a short time and in addition to being a fine
auctioneer, he is a very pleasant and informative person to visit.
If you ever have a chance to attend an auction in his area, please do. . If you appreciate a well operated auction by excellent auctioneers, I am sure you will enjoy.

Clint & Nola Johnson

Dear Wayne & All,
Thanks so much for all you did to make Aunt Carrie’s auction such a success.

Yvonne Crosno

Wayne and Crew,
Thank you for your donation of time, energy and package To Make-A-Wish Auction! Your generosity will greatly impact the children of Southern Oregon.

Bea Ryan

I attended one of your auction in Medford a couple of weeks ago It had been a very rainy day, and when I went to leave, I could not get out of the parking area. My tires were just spinning in the muddy field. Two of the young guys who work for you came and offered to help me. They tried for quite a long time and finally, they were able to get me out. I didn’t want to stop and get stuck again, but really wanted to Thank them.

After working along day in the cold and rain, they were nice enough to come and help me. Please thank them for me, and thank you for employing such wonderful, caring guys!!

Thanks so much,

Judy Weisinger

Howdy Wayne,

A great big Thank You to you and your crew for a job well done. Can’t wait until the next auction– At least I can’t won’t talk for Carol

–All the best and thanks,

Leo & Carol Oak

Jacksonville, OR
To the Helpers of Wayne Liska, a big Thank you for your clean, courteous and helpful way you attended to my Sale.

I was very impressed with your way and means of taking care of my needs. May God Bless you in all that you do in life for the betterment of other people.

Joe Arnold

Your the Best!!

Gates Furn. & Friends

Liska & Associates,
Thank you for your professional courtesies and follow through. It is appreciated.

Mack Williams

Dear Wayne Liska and Associates
Dear Wayne,
On behalf of the students, Staff and PTA, we want to thank you for allowing us to “borrow” Max for our fundraiser! He could not have done any better! We had our best year yet-and in this economy- that’s saying something!
I appreciate the time you spent with Maria and I. You gave us some great information. Your knowledge, generosity and business are a true asset to our community- And for that – We thank You!

Denna Gemini

Wayne and Barbara,
In Salem, we had a real estate agent we could not trust. In Grants Pass we had you, what a contrast! Thank you for you kind consideration and your generosity in making this sale happen. Dealing with you and the Hochers was a totally positive experience. We needed to sell at that price and we are most grateful to you for making it happen.

Jim and Janet Van Levermen

July 2010
Thank you for taking good care of my dear friend Penny. Your team was very professional and courteous and I was proud to have referred you to her.
I was amazed at how efficiently your team handled the auction from organizing all of the property to handling the crowd and the finances. You did the best job possible under the difficult circumstances.
Please share this message with your staff. I will continue to use your service when I can and refer other to you.
Take care my friend and thank you! :)

Deane Dombras

Thank you Liska Crew,
Wonderful! You found the camera I bought and left at your auction. Makes my day!!!! Could you please mail it ? I am in the process of moving and would not be able to get to Grants Pass. Thank you very, very much

The camera arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for mailing it. I do appreciate your courtesy. Even though I am moving to Roseburg, when I am in this area, I hope to attend your future auctions… they are the best!

Ruby Deal

Thank you for running a great auction company, and for bringing so many unique items to the open market.
You guys have one of the best websites on the internet and run a great auction. I look forward to your new offerings! I am in Eugene, and the drive down is always worth it. Thank you again for offering such great items.

Steven Jensen

Dear Wayne, Jodi and Staff,
Please except our heartfelt gratitude for you help in selling our lot of furniture in your auction that benefited Women's Crisis Support Team. Your help and support is truly appreciated.

Cindy Grondahi


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